Tips to use your dishwasher more efficient

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Do you love using your dishwasher? Here are some tips that might help the next time you use it.


1 Wait for dirty dishes

Try not to use your dishwasher for only a few plates and 1 or 2 cups, waiting for more dishes until you have a fill load will help save water, detergent and energy.


2 By your dishwasher wisely

When buying a new dishwasher, make sure you choose a dishwasher that has been rated for water and energy efficiency.


3 You don’t have to pre-rinse

Most new dishwashers are so powerful that it will get off gunk without a pre-wash, pre-rinsing your dishes, glasses, pans and pots will just be a waste of water and your time.

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4 Air dry your dishes

Letting your dishes air-dry once they are washed will help you save electricity. This can reduce power consumption by at least 20%


5 One glass fewer

Try to use fewer glasses, dishes and utensils during the day, this means you have fewer loads to put in the dishwasher at night, helping you save water, energy and detergent.


6 Be careful where you put your dishwasher

When you put your dishwasher next to your fridge, your fridge will have to work harder to put keep cool due to all the heat coming from your dishwasher.