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Residential Electrical Services!

We pay attention to our client’s every electrical requirement to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. We also ensure that the little electrical details are catered for.

Electrical Certificate of Compliance

Every homeowner needs to have an electrical certificate of compliance (COC certificate) issued at his home in the event of the house being sold. This certificate ensures that the electrical wiring of the home is in good working order. This certificate can only be authorized and signed off by a qualified electrician with a wireman’s licence. The registration of the property onto the new owner’s name cannot be processed successfully without the certificate, and by law, is not allowed. It is also an option to submit this certificate to your insurance company. Maak Dit Reg Electrical comes to your home to do a complete inspection of the entire electrical installation on the house, after which a quotation to repair any faults to a standard will be given.

Other than the COC being proof that the electrical installation is safe, the law requires a homeowner to be in possession of an Electrical COC, as do insurance companies. If a property incurs any damage due to an electrical fault, the insurance company will require the owner to provide them with a valid electrical certificate. Failure to produce the document could result in the insurance company not paying the claim.

Here at Maak Dit Reg, our friendly electricians can issue a Certificate of Compliance.

Electric Fencing

Maak Dit Reg electrical offer an electrical fence construction and maintenance service. An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals from crossing a boundary. In South Africa, the threat of crime is forever present. Electric fencing is the most tested and assured methods of property protection.


Our methods include Detection and Prevention:

Before an intruder can scale your wall or cut the wires a loud siren will sound, thus detecting the intruder before he enters your premises. The fence alarm can also switch on a flashing light that makes it easier for security personnel to locate your residence.

An unpleasant 8.5kv (non-lethal) shock that will deter intruders. Our electric fencing uses the same amount of electricity as a 60w bulb. This makes it possible to run the electric fencing 24/7 for maximum security.

Our electric fences are second to none. We take the time to do a proper and thorough job. We have over a decade experience in this field and it shows in the product.

Here at Maak Dit Reg, we help to keep your electric fence in working order.

Generator Installations

In South Africa, it is never certain when there will be a power out. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. We at Maak Dit Reg electrical deliver and install generators to your home, Business or industrial complex.

The two main types of generator are standby generator and portable generators. Standby generators are big, fixed into position and take over supplying your home with power when Eskom goes down. They’re expensive to install, but the idea is that you carry on as normal and don’t notice load-shedding at all.

More practical for most of us is the portable generator. These range from cheap and nasty to pricey and digitally controlled, but all boil down to basically being a petrol or diesel engine with a plug socket on the front. They’re a bit more limited in that you can only run one multiplug adaptor from one, and they can be noisy too.

Here at Maak Dit Reg, we will make sure your power stays on.


With Maak Dit Reg Electrical, you will get the best price quotes on replacing geysers. We provide a quick and reliable service on all types of geysers. Our services encompass an electrical isolator switch within 1m of the geyser and that all pipes and electrical connections are earthed

A quick tip on the myth of switching off your geyser to save on your electric bill… The true fact is that by switching off your geyser allows the water to cool, and when you switch it back on, it takes far more power to heat the cooled water again. It is a good idea to switch it off when you are away for a few days, however, not for daily use. Alternatively, purchase a geyser blanket. You will notice a small saving.

Here at Maak Dit Reg, we have ample experience fixing and replacing geysers.