Jet-Air Air Conditioning

Cold Air. Warm Air. Use Jet Air.


Jet-Air air conditioning was established in 1999 and is one of the leading brands in South Africa.  All Jet Air air conditioners are powered by world-famous compressors such as Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic.  Jet-Air AC’s are manufactured by top Chinese manufacturers.  All units have been granted CB and NRCS certificates.

Jet Air offers a wide variety of environmentally-friendly air conditioners for residential use.  The units are reliable and Jet-Air offers an excellent after-care service.

Jet-Air Range of residential air conditioners include mid-wall split units, cassettes, floor standing air conditioners, under-ceilings and window wall air conditioner units. Jet-Air units are charged with the environmentally friendly gas, R410A

Jet-Air air conditioning units carry a 12-month warranty on the unit and a 3-year factory warranty on the compressor (T’s & C’s Apply).  This warranty covers defects as a result of incorrect assembly, defective workmanship or faulty material.  It does not extend to repairs, replacement of spare parts, maintenance or service necessitated directly or indirectly by wear and tear, maltreatment of the product, or work affected by persons other than an authorised Jet-Air agent.

Maak Dit Reg is an authorised Jet-Air agent and installations of units are done professionally.

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Why Buy A Jet-Air Air Conditioner

Jet-Air Air Conditioner Features



An “iFavor” button is set up to the remote control. With this button, you can pre-set all the parameters (like temperature, operation mode, fan speed and other functions). Every time you press the “iFavor” button, the unit will run under the mode that recorded. You don’t need top reset the parameters after they are adjusted by other users, which you can enjoy more convenience.


Powerful Heating Performance.

With the combination of twin rotary DC compressor, EXV and PFC module, the heating performance in low temperature has been greatly improved.


Low Noise Airflow System.

Without decreasing the airflow volume and capacity output, large diameter cross flow fan can bring down indoor unit noise by lowering the fan speed.

Temperature Compensation.

The indoor sensor can sense the air temperature depending on the installation height of indoor unit: higher installation height means larger temperature deviation of the sensor sensed against the actual floor temperature. Changing the jumping wires combination on the indoor PCB is possible to compensate the deviation.


Self-diagnosis Function.

Monitoring some abnormal operations or parts failures, and when the above cases appear the system will switch off automatically. Meanwhile, the error or protection code will display on the indoor unit.

Sleep Mode.

The AC will automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1 C per hour in the first 2 hours, and switch off after 5 hours. The sleep mode function helps to maintain the most comfortable temperature and saves more energy for you.

Silver Ion Filter.

The Nano silver attached on the filter release the silver Ion constantly bacteria effectively.

Size matters. Choosing the right air conditioner can help reduce your electricity bills. By using our BTU calculator you can establish what size air conditioner is required for a particular room to ensure that your room(s) will be heated/cooled comfortably and efficiently.

All calculations provided are estimates and it is better to consult Maak Dit Reg for a full quote. If your room experiences excessive heat due to direct sun, PC’s running or large numbers of people in the room on a regular basis, it is better to upsize the air conditioning unit.