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Freezers offer significant savings and convenience, as they allow families to make meals in advance, take advantage of food storage,  prepare for special events or celebrations, and save food. Your freezer should always maintain a temperature range of zero degrees Celcius or lower, ensuring food is kept at the appropriate temperature to remain frozen. 


At Maak-Dit-Reg we repair all models and brands of freezers in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Northern Johannesburg.  The expert technicians at Maak Dit Reg know how to repair all types of freezers, including upright freezers, chest freezers, drawer freezers, and refrigerator/freezer combos.  When your freezer experiences problems such as it won’t turn on, or it is not freezing, or any other issue, let us take care of it.  We are ready to receive your call!


We Repair All Major Brands, Makes and Models.

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IMPORTANT:  We don’t work on small appliances such as vacuum cleaners (excluding Kirby and Rainbow vacuum cleaners), irons, kettles, sewing machines etc.  We provide repairs only on major appliances such as refrigerators, tumble driers, washing machines, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, etc

Common Freezer Problems

If you’ve noticed problems with your freezer, we encourage you to take fast action. The sooner you identify and resolve the issue, the less likely further damages will occur.

Turn to our technicians if you come across any of the following:

The freezer does not work at all

The freezer could not be getting power.  It could be the compressor not working or the thermostat that is causing the problem. A technician should be called out to diagnose the fault.

The freezer is not freezing

The first thing to do is to set the thermostat to a colder setting.  If that does not work, you can get a technician to check the defrost timer.

There is a lot of frost build up inside the freezer

This usually means that there is a problem with the self-defrost system.  You may even have damaged door gaskets.

Frozen meats look burned

Simply put, when food in your freezer gets dehydrated, from the freezer unit sucking out the moisture of the food, it gets freezer burn. The cause would be that the food wasn’t wrapped tightly enough to prevent evaporation of the moisture in whatever you’re freezing it in. It’s still fine to eat, but it probably tastes bad. The best way to avoid freezer burn is to seal food very well in sealed storage bags before freezing.

Help your freezer freeze to it’s full potential by scheduling a service with Maak Dit Reg. Our professional service and repair technicians can keep your freezer in peak condition for the all year-round clean you need.

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appliance repairs
appliance repairs

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