Getting the best results from your washing machine

washing machine repair


Whether you make use of a new washing machine with dozens of cycles or one of the older basic models, it comes to no surprise that everyone wants to get the best possible results for their washing machine.


Keep your washing machine clean:

  • Clean the lint filter of your washing machine regularly, this will help with better water flow within your washing machine and will prevent odors.
  • If you have a load of washing that colored the water during the wash cycle, clean your washing machine first before you do the next load of clothes as this will prevent dye transfer to your other clothes.
  • Front-Loader washing machines are more prone to odors caused by mildew and detergent build-up, make sure you service your washing machine on a regular basis.
  • Top-Loader washing machines should also be services regularly. If you feel your Top-Loader needs a clean but not a service, you can run a wash cycle using hot water and a cup of white vinegar.

For both types of washing machines, leaving your washers door open until your washing machine is completely dry will help to prevent odors and mildew growth. Your washing machine should be dry within 2-3 hours.

  • If your washing machine has automatic dispensers installed for detergent, bleach, fabric softener or other products, they should be cleaned regularly (Preferably once every month). This will prevent uneven distribution of product as well prevent stains on clothes due to too much product being deposited on your clothes
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Prevent Unnecessary Repairs:

  • A washing machine is definitely a needed appliance in every home, so to prevent any unnecessary repairs make sure that any objects that can damage your washing machine is taken out of the clothes before you wash them.
  • Remember to always use High Efficiency (he) detergent in Front-Loaders, your regular detergent will create too many suds, which will have an impact on the washing machines washing and rinsing performance. Over time, this can lead to mechanical issues.
  • Keep your washing machine well-balanced. A washing machine that moves or is off-balance will make an irritating noise and causes wear and tear on the washing machine’s parts.


Save on electricity costs:

  • Whether you wash a small load of washing or a big load, your washing machine uses nearly the same amount of electricity. When possible wash fuller loads to reduce your electricity costs.
  • If your washing machine has a high spin option you can use, make use of that option (Not with delicate fabrics), the high spin option will remove more water from your clothes and help you use less energy when you need to tumble dry your clothes.
  • Unless your clothes have grease stains on them, use cold water for your washing. When your washing machine needs to warm the water, the electricity usage normally increases with about 90% than with a cold wash, this will help you save on your electricity bills
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To get the best cleaning results:

  • When you have a small load of washing to do, make sure you don’t use a high-water level. Too much water will prevent proper agitation that helps to clean your clothes.
  • Do not use to much detergent on your clothes. Extra detergent does not help to clean your clothes; it will actually leave your clothes looking dull and gray.