7 Mistakes you’re making when it comes to your air conditioning unit.

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Nothing beats the feeling of coming home from work on a hot summer day, relaxing on your couch with your Air Conditioning unit cooling you down. Did you know that some of the mistakes you are making are undercutting your air conditioning‘s efficiency and effectiveness?

If your air conditioner is poorly maintained, this can cause microorganisms that can be harmful to you and your family if inhaled, a poorly maintained air conditioner can also influence your allergies and hay fever.

We have put together seven of the most common mistakes people make involving their air conditioning units or system.

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1. Not cleaning or changing your air conditioner’s filters.

The average amount for you to change your air conditioner’s filters is about once every three months.
Neglecting your air conditioner and not replacing the filters when you should may lead to reduced airflow and freezing up at your air conditioners evaporator coil. Did you know that a dirty filter could add between 5%- 15% to your monthly electricity bill.


2. Not having your air conditioner serviced regularly.

Having a professional team service your air conditioning system twice a year to make sure that you have a smooth-running system, with no gas leaks, blockages or error codes will be of great benefit to you; nobody wants a faulty unit on a hot summer day or cold winter evening!


3. Not there? Don’t use it!

We know stepping into a room with the perfect temperature is just amazing, but if you aren’t setting foot in a room for the next 4-6 hours, switch off your air conditioning units. Not using your air conditioner when you aren’t home will help you save on your electricity bills.

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4. Got fans? Use them to your advantage!

Putting on your fans (especially your ceiling fans) will help circulate the cool air coming from your air conditioner.


5. Make sure your air conditioner is the correct size needed.

Do you want to install air conditioning systems in your home? One important tip that you need to keep in mind, always make sure that the size of the unit (BTU’s) will be big enough for the whole room/area it will be installed to. Not sure what size you need? We have a calculator on our website where you can find the correct size unit for your room.


6. Make sure not to cool empty rooms/areas in the house.

If your air conditioning vents are open in every room of your home, you are cooling a lot of “empty space” for example spare bedrooms and areas that you rarely use. You might want to walk around your home and close some of the vents that cool down rooms/areas in your home that you don’t use.


7. Close your blinds or curtains.

When switching on your air conditioner, make sure that you also close your blinds or curtains, this will help block the sun’s rays and keep out any unwanted heat from the sun while your air conditioning is cooling your room